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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 23, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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sandwich. >> oh. >> sep >> see if chuck fro ccan keep can keep hcan ke down. a very good reason why most carnival rides have a safety bar. there is a girl dangling from the ferris wheel carriage. according to reports she tried to stand up and ended up falling out. she is hanging there by her hands just dangling and these folks are workers. they are employees of this amusement park trying to get to her before she slips because let me tell you what makes this more dangerous, it's raining. we're talking wet surfaces. >> once they get to her, what do they do? they're going to have to try and shove her back in the carriage. >> they try to steady themselves on this boat, if you will, and
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they do push her back into that little carriage. >> someone should be able to stand up and not fall out. it seems like a terrible design flaw. >> if you can't ride a ferris wheel. there is a reason you are not supposed to stand up. we just figured out what that is. >> she is all right. uninjured. although frightened and she made it down safely. and once they get her back in safely, everybody starts applauding. >> two, three, four -- ♪ >> this is a music video to the song "kingle time" by the band secret broadcast. one of their videos was recorded at a day care and at a rescue
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cat birthday party. nor one they were just going to load up a van -- it is a cool song. >> it's good driving music. >> we've got three go pro cameras recording the whole thing. everything seems to be going to plan except for this part that they did not see coming. ♪ killing time -- >> did you hear that sound in the background? >> i thought that was part of the song. >> broadcast is not so secret any more. >> that was a siren. takes them a second to realize what it is. they do pull over and they just start crack up. ♪ by my side -- [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> shut up. >> i wonder what they got pulled
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over for. when you're singing in the car and you are going 90 miles an hour because you are so into the song, some people are thinking that may be the whole pulling over of the van. >> this guy. >> it wasn't. they told us that they were pulled over but no word on what the citation orharges were. eo go viral.e a good way t good timing that they were pulled over at the end of the song. >> oh. ♪ >> owls are known to have a lot of wisdom but not a smart decision by this fella who started to go into a smart and file to get food. the los angeles animal services smart team got called in to capture this little fella. they got their nets out and it took them several hours to chase this owl around. there were a couple of fly byes
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where they thought they got it. after they chased him around the store for quite a while, this is the anti-climatic rescue. just misses. the owl at this point. this has been going on for hours. the owl is just plain exhausted, flew into a cooler and is like i give. the smart team took him back to their care center but the california wildlife center rehabilitated the guy and will release him. and this rescue is less dramatic. the seagull landed on a balcony with a glass wall. the seagull not smart now figure out that all it needs to do is fly up is trying to fly off the balcony unsure of this
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mysterious force field. the guy decides the seagull won't figure it out on his own. so i have to step in. opens the door. the door runs out and gives the seagull a fright. doesn't hurt the bird. >> you stupid seagull. the guy manages to capture the seagull. >> i'm going to let him go. >> he doesn't have that on camera either. but he assures us the seagull was okay. >> coming up, every time james kingston posts a video they are a bit of scare y. he is up once again scaling things which are ridiculous and terrifyinger withing nothing but a backpack and trainers as far as safety devices go. he is just climbing down. that is my response. i get the shivers. >> looks like i weed myself.
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>> he peed himself. >> no it's water on the crane or something. >> why right there? >> this guy does this all the time. this is nothing. >> there is no thinkling or weeing. there was just a little bit of water. but it's a great video to do the things i'm never going to do. i see a crane and they want to climb to the top of it. every time he posts a video it picks up hundreds of thousands of views. this one shows best convinced. >> there's no way to prove, really. how do you know that he didn't? >> look like i weed myself. >> his mom made it out and so did his sister. >> that guy can't get out on his own. what happens when rescuers show up to help but mom won't let them. plus the wisconsin way to heat things up.
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>> he says it's quite delightful. >> it's like the red neck hot tub. >> yeah.
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you're going to a nightclub in any country in the world and it's one night, what country would the nightclub be in? >> according to the post over the video, the guy on the left is doing a blog for his isobarology class. he is in the car with his dad asking questions for this blog. >> so, like, for a sociology class why not ask an honest question. >> if you have to live in any country in the world for a year. what country would you go to? >> these are fun questions. >> if i found a magic lamp what would i wish for? >> i will dosh do -- >> [ bleep ]. >> i think he is looking for deep and introspeculative
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thoughts about the universe. >> dad starts talking about what is happening with education. how are these the only questions you is? >> i'm watching your education just be [ bleep ] away. >> this sociology. i'm not going to be a socioologist. >> a normal question i'm more than happy to help you out with this project but don't ask me dumb [ bleep ]. >> the project is how long does it take to make your father mad. >> if you could be the engineer for any building in the united states -- >> how the [ bleep ] am i going to be an engineer for a building that's already been built. >> this might not be his child. turns out we believe that aaron and dad are not father and son. in fact it seems that they are
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both into improv comedy in los angeles. this could very well be a way to put their names on the map. >> ask me a normal question. >> while this video shows an elephant at play at a national park in kenya, this is a rescue video. you see this guy. he is in there with his eight-year-old sister and his mom. that guy can't get out on his own. big sister gets out and mom is already out. he is not without rescue. the wildlife trust just needs to get the elephant out of the watering hole. you is two trucks of people coming to aid this guy. mama wants to protect baby.
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mom and sister wander off. they don't need to get a tractor or anything. they do put a rope around his leg and all they have is brute manpower. they are able to get it up quickly but it's they don't watch what happens. they are like you must be my new mom. he's like don't leave me. save me. >> we see them reunite? >> we do see it. the baby wants to stick around the truck. but final will mom starts coming up. >> yeah. >> they are all reunited and everybody is happy and they're going to live happily ever after. >> what could make a day at your theme park better? doing it with food. get on the leviathan roller coaster and sneak in a quarter pounder from mcdonald's. >> that's a bad idea.
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you putting something in your stomach while your stomach is being taken. >> i love the guy with the drink next a him just completely calm. >> it is probably a shake. >> they are doing pretty well. >> and if you watch closely, the dude on the left is taking small nibbles of the burger. they go on multiple rides and pull off the same sort of prank. look at the picture at the end. >> i feel queasy. >> everything makes you feel queasy. >> this won't make you feel queasy. >> the wisconsin hot tub. >> is it full of cheese? >> no, but i see where you're going. >> that would be great. a hot tub full of cheese and nacho chips. >> they headed up to northern wisconsin where the lakes are very, very cold. >> human soup. >> they re-purposed an old cast-iron tub and put it over a campfire and that is like from the old bugs bunny cartoons, but
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they hand him a beer instead. it's quite delightful. >> it's a red neck hot tuck. >> would have been better with cheese. >> and there are no gigantic nacho chips. elvis is back with a new viral hit. >> it's called intolerance. >> i can't drink what you drink -- >> why this one's wrong in all the right ways. and chuck from the bronx is fixing himself a sandwich with a special ingredient. >> raw liver. >> how getting it all done is one tough challenge.
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closed captioning provided by -- guess who's back with a song
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that will get stuck in your head. elvis. we're talking to the brothers. ♪ what i am what i'm not that i've got deep inside of me -- >> they're new song is called "intolerance". ♪ i can't drink what you drink ♪ i can't take another -- >> i totally picturing this dilemma, can you imagine meeting someone and you can't have it because your stomach is out of whack. >> but he's not the only one who is intolerant. ♪ we have a secret too i can't spend my life with you. >> she's gluten free. she can't bread. she is gluten intolerant.
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>> sing it with me. ♪ so intolerant. >> but can they find common ground? peanut allergy. >> but they don't have a peanut allergy. they bonded over peanuts. ♪ now i am tolerant. >> these guys know how to write a song that will stick with you for days and days and days. taken you wa and if you want to see the video, go to our website or our mobile app. ♪ intolerant cat stuck to a mouse toy. ♪ >> what happened? ♪
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what? ♪ >> hey, what's up, chuck from the bronx. >> today's food challenge is -- a low-carb sandwich and it's not just any low-carb sandwich. >> baloney, cheese, bacon, some mayo and i'm out of bread. the only thing i've got is one pound of raw liver. >> that's right. chuck from the bronx is going to have a raw liver, raw bacon, cheese and baloney sandwich some mayo. >> he did put a vomit alert on here. it does get disgusting.
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chuck starts to have a problem. >> it's awful. >> but he keeps going. >> just stop. you can just stop. >> you know when you see the fountain with the porpoise spitting out the water. >> it's in his mouth. the only choice is to swallow it, chuck. >> he looks like a meat grinder. >> chuck isn't done. he continues to eat. >> sorry, this is so gross, guys. >> he actually finishes it. >> the grossest sandwich i ever had. >> did you rewind it? oh! >> this is old chucky boy from the bronx signing off. >> it's a rough ride for this big brother. >> those are his little sisters,
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they're having a great time. >> hear why he's not feeling the beat. >> i feel for him. anted to be.
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and he is attached to a rope. so you can pull him back in. >> good boy. >> fonzy got new shoes. [ laughter ] ♪ [ laughter ] ♪ >> before i play this video i'm going to pause it right here and it basically tells the story of the video. >> little brother. >> irritated by his sister. >> he's actually the big brother. those are his little sisters. they're having a great time because their favorite song by one direction is plagying. they love it. he, not so much.
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♪ >> i feel for him. i do. >> these girls are twins, casey and carly. they were both born with down's syndrome but their parent says since the day they were born they light up a room so they call them the sunshine sisters. >> that's awesome. >> isn't it great? and they think this video comes from that. >> like there is a cloud with mood over him. after the 90th time he has heard it. >> i don't think it has to do with the fact that his sisters are having fun it's the fact that he has to lynn "l" on the one direction. >> he's like i'm going to have to sit here and take it like a big bro. and the video is taken by their 13-year-old sister. her 8-year-old brother is being tortured by the song. >> the picture of, are we there yet? ♪
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>> that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." we'll see you next time, here at "right this minute." we'll see you next time, everybody.
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